Is Your Screen Wash Already Out of Date? Here’s How to Check

Today’s homes are teeming with electronics from TVs to refrigerators, but the same can’t be said for the washrooms in most of them. This is a sad state of affairs because there are so many ways that having clean surroundings benefits your health and well-being. With clean surroundings also come a host of other benefits too, such as reduced energy consumption, reduced air pollution and improved security. Until recently, having your household electronics’s screen washed regularly was pretty much taken for granted. But with the increasing prevalence of smartphones and tablets, it’s not so easy anymore. All you need to do is check on how often your screen wash is no longer working in advance so that you don’t end up throwing good money after bad and then wind up purchasing something even more expensive than necessary in the long run.

What is Screen Wash?

Screen wash is the process of using water and a mild abrasive to clean your smartphone and computer screens. Screens are coated with a protective layer of oxides called “age spots” that can be cleaned with a mild abrasive, such as hydrogen peroxide, or natural ingredients like witch hazel. Regularly washing your screens will keep them clean and reduce the build-up of dust and dirt that can cause damage to your electronics. The buildup of these particles can cause image retention (when certain colours remain on the screen after you’ve turned your phone off), as well as affect the screen’s brightness and clarity.

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When does it occur?

Screen wash occurs when the screen on your smartphone or computer becomes dirty. You’ll notice this when the images are blurred or unclear. This is usually caused by the accumulation of dust or dirt on the screen.

The 3 Signs of a Outdated Screen Wash

– Image retention – Image blur – Screen scratches If you see any of these on your screen, it’s time to get your screen washed.

Should You Replenish Your Screen Wash or Switch Brands?

If the wash you’re using is no longer working, it’s best not to replenish it because it could get outdated itself. The wash you have can tell you the actual quantity used in the wash. So it’s best to switch to a refreshed wash to make sure you always have a fresh supply. Otherwise, replenishing a wash that’s no longer working is a waste of money. If you think your current wash is no longer working, you can do a quick test by using a soft cloth to gently clean your phone’s screen. If the screen is still dirty after you’re done, the wash is out of date. If you do want to replenish your wash, take note of its manufacturer and make sure the wash you’re buying says it’s for smartphones and computers. A lot of phone and computer wash products are intended for washing clothes. Make sure you’re getting a wash designed for your screen.

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The best way to ensure your screen is always clean is to get it professionally washed every so often. But if you can’t do this, you can use a soft cloth and a mild abrasive to clean your screen. Keeping your screen clean will result in a clearer image, better brightness, and less build-up of dirt and dust that could damage the screen. If you notice the wash you’re using is not cleaning the screen well any more, it’s best to switch to a refreshed wash. This will ensure you always have a fresh supply of wash and you won’t have to spend any extra money.

Is Your Screen Wash Already Out of Date? Here’s How to Check

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